Architecture in Hamburg (with "Elbphilharmonie")

Bricks und concrete, steel and glass – discover the architecture of Hamburg from past to present with the special knowledge of an architect!

  • architecture from the past: city hall and churches
  • the urban development of the city of Hamburg
  • the classicism style in Hamburg and along the Elbe river (Christian Frederik Hansen)
  • houses of the rich and the poor
  • the office house quarter with the famous “Chilehaus”, built from 1922 to 1924
  • the architecture of the modern art (Fritz Schumacher, Karl Schneider and others)
  • the buildings from the early time of industrialization
  • the buildings of the infrastructure: stations, bridges, the old Elbe tunnel
  • the riverside: the area of the former St. Pauli brewery, “string of pearls” at the Elbe river
  • UNESCO world culture heritage: warehouse district “Speicherstadt”, 1880-1927, style: New Gothic
  • the Waterfront “Harbour City”- Where the new Hamburg is being built (incl. visit of the city model)
  • new philharmonic orchester hall "Elbphilharmonie" – the new landmark of Hamburg! (inauguration: 11.01.2017)


The architectural tour is possible as a bus, bicycle or walking tour.
Time allowing we will also be able to visit inside some buildings.
We can also take a look at the city models located in the Hamburg Museum (extra charge.)
The trip will last at least two hours, with a maximum length of four hours.
There will be a half hour break after the first two hours.

Appointment and fee by arrangement (dependent on the number of people and duration of the tour).