Guided tours in Hamburg – with tour guide Sönke Albertsen

Hamburg offers many possibilities to have a look at it and to spend some time there. Maybe you like to see the inner city with the city hall and the old churches or the Elbe river with the port, the ware house district “Speicherstadt” and the new HarbourCity or maybe you just want to see the ordinary Hamburg with its both faces – light and shadow. Hamburg is all of this. And I would like to show you all of this – the real Hamburg.

These are the Hamburg tours you can do with me. Every tour with is individual and can include any one of the following items in accordance with your interests.

Besides tours in German and English language I also offer tours in Danish, French, Italian, Dutch/Netherlands, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish Language.

I can rent a bus for a sightseeing tour, a boat for a boat trip along the Harbour or on the Alster lake, or bicycles so we can wind through the city itself.  Public transportation, from the underground to the harbour ferries, also makes Hamburg a truly accessible city.