The port of Hamburg

In this tour, I describe the history of the port of Hamburg, one of the world's largest ports, from its beginnings until the present.  The itinerary includes the following:

  • history: the first port, shift of the port to the west of the city and to the southern side of the river
  • the port in the past time: sailing ships, freight carriers and harbour workers
  • the „Landungsbrücken“ and the old tunnel beneath the river Elbe
  • the port of Hamburg in the movies
  • the box that changed the world: the container
  • the Köhlbrandt bridge
  • the port today

The tour at the port usually starts at the station Landungsbrücken (U3, S1, S3).
The best way to discover the port of Hamburg is by walking or by bicycle.
We also can take a harbour boat trip that lasts approximately one hour.
The tour will last approximately three hours.

Appointment and fee by arrangement (dependent on the number of people and duration of the tour).