The inner city of Hamburg

The inner city of Hamburg offers many exciting possibilities. Every city tour with me is individual and can include any one of the following items in accordance with your interests.

  • The city hall from 1885-97 (free admittance into the entry hall and into the inner courtyard)
  • Canals and “fleets” – the "streets" of the past (waterways in Hamburg)
  • How the Hamburg people used to live: quarters and houses of the rich and the poor
  • How Hamburg was founded: „Hammaburg“-castle, cathedral, first port, city walls
  • Hamburg in the early 20th Century: Mönckebergstreet, office buildings (Chile house)
  • The five main churches of Hamburg
  • The ruin of St. Nikolai and the Dyke street
  • UNESCO world culture heritage: warehouse district “Speicherstadt” and its history
  • “Harbour City”: Where the new Hamburg is being built (incl. the city model in the vessel house)
  • Elbe philharmonic hall (under construction) – the new landmark of Hamburg
  • The port of Hamburg, the "Landungsbrücken" and the old tunnel beneath the Elbe river
  • The quarters Schanzenviertel and Karolinenviertel


We also can visit a church tower for an amazing, one-of-a-kind view over Hamburg, or visit some buildings or take a boat trip with a harbour ferry.
The inner city tour usually starts at the main entrance of the city hall.
The best way to discover the inner city of Hamburg is by walking or bicycle.
The inner city tour will last at least two hours, with a maximum length of four hours.
There will be a half hour break after two hours.

Appointment and fee by arrangement (dependent on the number of people and duration of the tour).