Sightseeing tour by bus

We can take a bus trip through Hamburg, which combines all the items described before. During the bus tour, we can take breaks to visit some interesting places, for example to climb a church tower for an amazing view of the city skyline, or to look at the interior of a unique building.

  • main station and inner city (see: "Inner city of Hamburg “)
  • the Alster lake
  • the neighbourhoods surrounding the Alster lake (see: “Around the Alster Lake")
  • the Elbe bridges
  • the port (including a trip above the Köhlbrandt bridge or a walk through the old Elbe tunnel)
  • the Elbe river (see: "The Elbe from Altona to Blankenese")
  • St. Pauli (see: "The amusement quarter St. Pauli at night")
  • St. Michaelis Church: the landmark church of Hamburg
  • the warehouse district “Speicherstadt” and the new quarter “Harbour City”
  • Elbe Philharmonic Hall (under construction) – the new landmark of Hamburg

The bus trip through Hamburg usually starts at the main station.
The bus trip will last at least two hours, with a maximum of four hours.
There will be a half hour break after two hours.

Appointment and fee by arrangement (dependent on the number of people and duration of the tour).